Elite dangerous

The official announcement of AEW AEW: Fight Forever, a new professional wrestling game developed by Euks!

THQ NORDIC, All Elite Wrestling, and Euks officially announced the new professional wrestling game AEW: Fight Forever and launching it for PS5/PS4/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch Announced.

When the development was announced in 2020, this work was also revealed by Mr. Hideyuki Iwashita in the Virtual Pro Wrestling series. It is packed with popular wrestlers, with career mode, creative trespasser, symbolic AEW arena, and various game formats.

Match format

* Single match

* Tag team

* 3-Way

* 4-Way

* Radder match

* Casino battle royal

* Aneware Fall Match

* UNSANCTIONED LIGHTS-OUT (weapon is available)

* Birds line current blast deathmatch

Career mode

Wide-range customization mode

* Customlesser (clothing and exterior)

* Custom move set

* Custom entrance

* Custom team

* Custom arena

Online multiplayer

  • score board

Aew: Fight Forever is the focus of professional wrestling fans. Further follow-up such as game play will be unveiled at the THQ NORDIC DIGITAL SHOWCASE held on August 12, local time.