Nintendo warns fans to stop using old hardware

Recently Nintendo has issued a somewhat strange statement, one in which it warns fans who must immediately use hardware that they have previously created. Although he is not explicitly speaking of his old consoles such as nes, SNES, N64, among others, because it refers to other peripherals that had somewhat different uses.

Specifically, they refer to the Nintendo’s USB Wi-Fi connector (NTR-010) or the Nintendo Wi-Fi network adapter (WAP-001) , launched in 2005 and and 2008 , respectively. With the company suggesting stop using them due to security problems.

The warning comes from the official website of Nintendo Japan, so it is likely that direct translation could have some lost detail. However, it is clear that the Japanese company wants users to no longer use these adapters.

Here your statement as is:

Regarding the Nintendo Wi-Fi Usb Connector (NTR-010) ‘and’ Nintendo Wi-Fi Network Adapter (WAP-001) network. the security protection point of view and changed commercially available network devices. These products have been for more than 10 years since its launch, and we have confirmed that there are the following concerns when they are used continuously.

If these devices continue to use, there is a risk that they are illegally accessing from them from the outside, or that the connected terminal is infected with a computer virus, etc. For customers who are currently using it, please stop using it immediately and change to network equipment commercially for security protection. We apologize for any inconvenience that this can cause and request its understanding and cooperation.

This statement is somewhat sudden, so an explanation is expected by Nintendo more detailed in the future.