How to solve a puzzle with three precious chests under a split island in Genshin Impact

During the Summertime Odyssey from Genshin Impact from from July 15, 2022 to August 24, 2022 , you can plunder hundreds of chests hidden at the Golden Apple archipelago. Making the correct changes to the topography of each island will bring you even more chests, including one ordinary chest and three precious chests under a split island.

The necessary condition for the puzzle precious chest under the split island in Genshin Impact.

Before you unlock this puzzle, you first need to unlock The ISlands Stirings WayPoint. World quest. As soon as this is done, you need to solve two puzzles with torches (which lead to a hidden ghost sink). When solving a puzzle with a pies-fakel, it is important to make sure that you interact with the switch to open the gate next to the last torch, since it will serve as an entrance to the puzzle of a precious chest.

How to solve the riddle of an underground precious chest on a split island in Genshin Impact

Start by going to the island of Signyan north of the split island and interact with the drum to change the mountain style. Look at your left and make sure you see high mountain . As soon as this is done, go to the area circled in the image above to find the entrance to the cave.

Enter the cave and go through door . You will return to the place of the previous puzzle with a torch, but the location of the plantation inside the cave will be a little different. This slight change will allow you to solve a puzzle to get chests.

Assuming that the melodic harp is behind you, turn the melodic flower circled in the image above. Once so that it is facing a melodic flower in the center of the platform. Play melodic harp. This will unlock General chest in the center (not depicted above). After plundering the usual chest play melodic harp again. The barrier blocking three precious chest on the edge of the room will dissipate, allowing you to pick up the prey.

Keep in mind that if you have a short mountain style, you cannot break a barrier blocking precious chests. So do not forget to switch to a high style before coming! In addition to the ton of Primogems, you will also get Serenitea Pot Furnishing called Allegro Bloom: Special Settings .

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