How to get thunder breathing in Project Slayers

The only other respiratory capacity of the highest level in Project Slayers, except for water, is thunder breathing. This is a very deadly respiratory technique in combination with Kamado or Agsuma clans. To get a powerful thunder breath, you first need to achieve at least 12th level, and then make a list of training quests specified by your coach, Dzigoro Kuvadzima .

What are the requirements for obtaining the Thunder Breathing style in Project Slayers?

To start teaching thunder breathing, you need to note the following requirement.

  • Reach the minimum level 12 on your account.
  • Sapon and pay for a commission in the amount of 5k Wen for training.

Где в Project Slayers находится тренажер «Громовое дыхание»?

Thunder breathing simulator, * Dzigoro Kuvajima, is present on Mount Roster *. You can contact him, following this link to the card.

  • Start from the northern entrance to your safe village.

  • Move in the northwest direction from the village until you find a large tree, as shown below.

  • Start climbing the mountains to move to the top on the same northwest side of the map.

  • You will get to the Mount of the Wallow after reaching the top of the area.


  • Find a wandering coach at the entrance to the only building on the top of the mountain.

All teaching quests for obtaining Thunder Breathing in Project Slayers

Note : Players can get to the place of execution of each of the quests, following the indicators on the screen.

Make a fee of 5 thousand Vany to your coach and start the following training quests.

Increase the target for the style of butterflies *: Play and end the mini-game on aiming, quickly pressing on the appearing objects.
Meditation and lung training *: Train your lungs to hold your breath much longer with mediation. Complete the task by completing a small mini-game based on QTE.

Excessions *: As in the previous task, here you also play a mini-game. In the mini-game, you must press the buttons in a timely manner.
Dodge Thunder : Detachment from the blows of thunder from the sky, pressing the evasion/diving button.
defeat Zanegutsu Kuwuy : The last quest on the list is to defeat the boss to Zanehust Kuyuy. He is a rather complicated boss, and you will need the help of your friends to defeat him. If you play solo, try to stay too close to it and perform air combo. You will get the ability after killing it.

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