The Korean game grave What about the Eternal Return received

[Return Moon Young-soo reporter] The new mobile work using the ‘Eternal Return’ Intellectual Property (IP) is drawing attention to the score that is reached in China. The Chinese market, which was once a garden of Korean games, is said to be able to guarantee the success as the charter is reversed and the level of local users can be increased, but Eternal Return: Infinite is an atmosphere of expectation in that it is a genre of enemy point that is popular in the local area..

According to the game industry on the 19th, Neptune (CEO Jung Wook, Yoo Tae-woong) was focusing on ‘Eternal Return: Infinite’, which was recently issued by the subsidiary Nim Neuron (CEO Kim Nam-seok).. Inner Pan-Ho is a game for games made in China. Foreign Panho, on the contrary, is aimed at games developed abroad.

Eternal Return: Infinite is a mobile version of the PC online game ‘Eternal Return’ developed by Nim Neuron. The local partner, which has not yet been disclosed to the outside, was in charge of the development, and Nimn Neuron was found to have been in charge of the inspection. It can be said to be a Chinese game that borrowed Korean IP. Eternal Return: Infinite’s local service is expected by Tencent’s subsidiary I Dream Sky, and Neptune is expected to receive royalties. Craft Tone is also receiving a fee for providing technical services for the Chinese version of Battleground Mobile.

The game industry is also paying attention to the future performance of Eternal Return: Infinite. Korean games, except for some IPs that have become popular in China since some PC online games, such as Mir’s Legend 2 and Mu, have not been able to play Mac in China. Unlike the expectation that Pearl Abyss’s ‘Black Desert Mobile’, which was issued in April this year, was issued in April this year, it was pushed out of the top 100 sales of open market sales, unlike the expectation that it would settle in the top 10. Korean games that were released just before the outbreak of Hannyeong in 2017 have no success. The eye level of Chinese users and content tendencies are analyzed for reasons.

Neptune, on the other hand, reveals expectations in that Eternal Return: Infinite is a game that mixes enemy points (AOS) and Battle Royale genre. In particular, the enemy point of point is gaining popularity in the Chinese mobile game market, unlike in Korea. According to the mobile index, Tencent’s’ Prince Young-yo ‘is in the long-term power, and Riot Games’ League of Legends: Wild Drift is also ranked 5th. It is different from Korea, which is dominated by the genre of MMORPG.

It is also expected that the original Chinese gamers were introduced when the original Eternal Return was in 2020. At that time, the company supported Chinese (liver and trail) to Eternal Return so that local users could play. At the time, Eternal Return had achieved a result of exceeding 50,000 steam concurrent users without any promotion. Neptune said, Eternal Return: I will do my best to succeed in China’s service.