Dragon ball z:dokkan battle

The contents of the first installment of Xenoblade 3 Expansion Pass! The second additional hero is also shown

On July 15, Nintendo released the first distribution content of the additional content of Xenoblade 3 Expansion Pass of the RPG Xenoblade 3 RPG ** for Nintendo Switch.

In the first installment on July 29, the same day, the items that are useful for adventure are the consumed items Nopon Coin / Silver x 30 and Nopon Coin / Gold x 10, the accessories Iron Temple Guard, Wisdom Circlet. You can get Silver Belt, Auto Balancer, Glass Memory, and Nopon Strap.


All items that can be obtained in the game, and you can get them early, so it will make the early capture smoother. In addition to items, the color change fashion equipment of the protagonists will be added.

In conjunction with the first information disclosure, the contents of the second installment scheduled to be distributed in the winter of 2022 will be shown. Here, New Heroes and Quests, Challenge Battle with Strong Enemy, and New Design Fashion Equipment will be added, and this time the new hero silhouette and images that seem to be the challenge battle stage have been released. 。

In the Xenoblade 3 Expansion Pass, the third installment scheduled to be distributed by April 2023, New Hero and Quest, Challenge Battle with strong enemy, New Design Fashion Equipment is 2023. A completely new original story will be added in the fourth installment scheduled to be distributed by December of the year.

Xenoblade 3 Expansion Pass will be released on July 29, 2022, as in Xenoblade 3. The price is 3,000 yen (tax included).