League of legends

LOL: The unexpected champion who has reborn with patch 12.13 and you must take advantage of as soon as possible

The 12.13 patch of League of Legends arrived this week and All eyes quickly went to Nilah , the incarnate joy but, more importantly, the 160 champion to join the invoker’s crack. The new character wreaked havoc from his early hours in the game and Riot Games had to balance her quickly after launch. But she is not the only one, since three other champions have gone through the same equally fast treatment: Master Yi, Sivir and Gwen. From this moment on, one would think that no champion currently dominates the goal and, nevertheless, there is one for whom the 12.13 patch has been extremely beneficial, and that it seems to be completely unnoticed by Riot Games.

An appearance and rate of victories that shoot

You probably had the answer thanks to the spoiler of the miniature of the article; Indeed, we are talking about fiddlecticks, night terror. The champion received two improvements in patch 12.13: longer duration of the fear of his q-terror and greater damage of his crows . As a icing, he also received a Skin, the first in two years, on the stars guard line. Suffice it to say that champion lovers were delighted and shared their joy in the Subnet dedicated to the champion.

_ In my last public One aspect in more than 2 years, but now Fiddle finally obtained a well-deserved buff (I think it’s too

The Victorias de Fiddle rate has increased since the implementation of patch 12.13. During version 12.12, the champion did not exceed 50% of victories, but in recent days he has shot completely. In general, all combined ranges is 51.7 % and even more than 52.7 % among platinum and superior players. The greatest advantage if you want to play with the champion is that you almost certainly have it, since only 2.1 % of the time (always all combined ranges) is baked.

The fear now of Fiddle’s players is, of course, that it attracts the attention of Riot Games (which is very likely to happen). We can legitimately think that he will suffer one, or even several Nerfe during the next patch, 12.14, which will arrive at the game on Wednesday, July 17 . Meanwhile, if you like the champion and have neglected it for a while, now is the time to get it!