How to get a friend Riot Gun Buddy in Valorant

Riot Gun Buddy is the rarest cosmetic object in Valorant. The main reason for its rarity is that, unlike most game items that can be purchased for Valorant glasses, Riot Gun Buddy can only be obtained as a gift or donation from an employee of Riot. In addition, each Riot employee has a limited number of Gun Buddy, which he can share, which makes it the most popular item in Valorant.

In the past, various rumors went to the community that Riot Gun Buddy was given to players only after of the social networks of Donor worker. But this turned out to be a fake because Riot Games shared real information about the acquisition of Riot Gun Buddy.

Explanation Riot Games about Valorant Riot Gun Buddy


Riot Games clearly stated that Riot Gun Buddy is a symbol of sports skill in e-sports and will be presented only to those players who deserve this. So what is needed to earn Riot Gun Buddy? According to the report, the only way to get Riotgun Buddy is to show sports skills , respect and compassion during the match with an employee of Riot. Any other means such as raising a support ticket or a subscription to Riot employees on social networks will not help you purchase legendary cosmetics.

How to find out if an employee of Riot is involved in your match?

Each Riot employee has rebellion as a prefix in his account. Thus, you can identify an employee of Riot Games in your match, since no other players can create a Riot account with the established prefix.

How to get a match with an employee Riot

The best way to get to the match with an employee of Riot is to register for PBE Valorant. Valorant PBE is a special version of the game client, in which the upcoming corrections and updates are tested before implementing in the main game. Thus, you have more chances to meet the developer at the testing stage than to rely on complete luck in order to find it on public servers.

Remember that none of Riot Games will sell Riot Gun Buddy for money. If someone appeals to you with such a proposal, this is fraud, and you can report this to the Valorant support service.

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