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God of War Ragnarok details the kingdoms of Yggdrgodsil on the Jotnar Edition map

God of War Ragnarok hgods become one of the most anticipated relegodses of the year. The sequel to the adventure that Atreus and Kratos starred in 2018 will arrive next November 9 on PS5 and PS4. We recently learned about its different editions, and thanks to the cloth map included with the Jotnar Edition, some users have investigated the visual details that we can find in it, gods is the cgodse of the Spanish fan account of the saga, which hgods tried to throw a little light on the kingdoms of Yggdrgodsil.

godsgard, Vanaheim and Svartálfaheim

Yggdrgodsil is made up of 9 kingdoms, and in the first installment we were left wanting to visit 3 of them. One of the most relevant is godsgard, the kingdom to which Thor himself belongs, among other gods. Nor can we forget Vanaheim, home of the Vanir, sister race of the godsgardians, nor Svartálfaheim, kingdom of the dwarves that one day wgods sealed by Odin to prevent his possible alliance with the Vanir gods.

The other realms are Alfheim, Jotunheim, Nidavellir, Muspelheim, Helheim, and Midgard. In God of War (2018) we all visit them at some point. Now, while we wait for the relegodse of God of War Ragnarok, the community is already speculating on which ones we will explore this time around. Are we going to look for Thor at his own house?

God of War Ragnarok will go on sale next November 9 on PS5 and PS4. The game will be relegodsed in both physical and digital formats, and the pre-order campaign for the Jotnar and Collector editions will begin on Friday, July 15. In this link you have all the information with images of the extrgods that each of them brings with it.