[Gemphae] Its okay to be distressed, healing puzzlesInder Island with BTS

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[game Park Ye-jin reporter] The name may feel like ‘Ami (BTS Fandom) dedication game’, but even if it is excluded, it has a casual fun.

‘WTH BTS’ begins with the drifting BTS arriving at an uninhabited island, but it gives a bright and pleasant atmosphere.

The game, which Hive’s first self-planning, development, and publication, is based on the Match 3 Puzzle Genre, which anyone might have done at least once with national games ‘Anipang’ or ‘Candy Crush Saga’. Featuring comfortable and cute colors and graphics, seven BTS characters who freely travel around the uninhabited island adds healing elements.

You can achieve the ‘Star’ mission with the stars from the puzzle game to raise the happiness of the 7-person character. You can see the process of changing uninhabited islands into a ‘resort’.

Since BTS has participated in the game’s direction, story, and character production from the beginning of the game production, the game reflects the individuality and taste of each member. The mission to upload ‘happiness’ of each member is said to be based on the ‘holiday bucket list’ written by the members. It is also fun to find each personality in the conversation of the members during the game.


If you look at the details, there are some kinds of memes that can only be recognized as ‘Ami’. If you’re a BTS fan, you’ll have more fun, but it’s not a sense of discomfort.

If you know the ‘Bang Si-hyuk PD’, which is often visited by the members of the game, and the representative songs of BTS, you can enjoy it lightly.