Bandai Namco and Ilca founded Bandai Namco Aces

Sharin stars of the Japanese scene which also functions regularly with Square Enix (Drier Automata, Nier Replicant, Dragon Pursuit 11) as well as The Pokémon Firm (Pokémon Diamantlanting and also Pokémon Scintillating Pearl), this 350-people workshop is 49% investor of Bandai Namco Aces while Bandai Namco stays in the bulk with 51% of the shares.

This brand-new framework based in Shinjuku will certainly be in charge of making use of the knowledge of the 2 components in order to createdu material high-end for gamers all over the world, especially in the area of photorealism. Which will certainly start with the following Ace Fight, of which he is in cost of development after the success of Ace Fight 7 . That said and even if we discover Kazutoki Kono, the franchise pilot, in the checklist of managers, Bandai Namco Aces seems to have the passion to exceed the framework of this solitary collection.

Absolutely seduced by the technical abilities of the studio with which he has currently developed Ace Combat 7 as well as One Item Odyssey, Bandai Namco announces the birth of the Bandai Namco Aces studio in partnership with ILCA.