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[Secondary Observation-Game] Game Market Fixed by Endemick

[user pool Park Ye-jin reporter] The domestic game market, which has benefited from the spread of Corona 19, is expected to meet the second half of the year after Endemick.

In the game user pool, which has been reduced to the end of the second half of the year, the game market is expected to be more clashed. Meanwhile, with the expansion of offline IP and in full bloom, the pleasure of users in reality is expected to grow. In addition, even after the ended, domestic game companies’ business expansion and mutual cooperation will continue.

◆ Even if the user’s pool is narrowed, the second half of the new work is rush… The game market seems to be fierce

As the outsider is increasing as an endemick, the demand for game demand is expected to continue. On the other hand, as the new new works scheduled for launch within the year, the game market is expected to become more intense in the narrow user pool.

According to the big data market research firm IG Works report on the 28th, the number of domestic mobile game users (monthly users) was 2.56 million in June last year to 2.29 million in May this year, 2.7 million in just 11 months. (10.6%) decreased. In particular, the rate of reduction of role-playing games (RPG) users was 25.9%, the largest of the main genres.

In the second half of the year, large domestic companies are expected to launch a large-scale multi-platform in large-scale multi-places (MMORPG). NCsoft has predicted a new work in Throne & River (TL), Nexon ‘Hit 2’ and ‘Prasian Electric’, and Netmarble ‘Seven Knights Revolution’ and Com2us ‘Summoners War: Chronicle’.

It is expected to continue to compete with existing new works such as Blizzard Diablo Immortal, Wemade ‘Mir M: Vanguard & Badga Bond’, and Kakao Games ‘Umamus Me Pretty Derby’.

◆ Real world one after another game IP diversification offline marketing

Efforts to diversify the game intellectual property (IP) in the form of offline are expected to expand further. In the case of Nexon, Maple Story IP is launched as a representative food bread, or the orchestra performance ‘Symphony of Maple Story’ is prepared for a national tour, and a large character balloon is exhibited in a complex shopping mall..

Offline marketing is also expected. Netmarble will hold a ‘coffee truck’ event that gives ice Americano if you certify pre-registration by July 10 ahead of the launch of Seven Knights Revolution. It plans to open eight times in major areas in Seoul, Busan, and Gangwon by July 10.

The meeting between the users and game companies that have been waiting will also be expanded. Pearl Abyss will hold a two-large user event offline in July. On the 2nd, the Black Desert Mobile regular event ‘2022 Heidel Banquet’ will be held at the Wave Art Center in Seoul to release new update information of the Black Desert Mobile. On the 16th, VOA (Voice of Adventurus) Seoul will also be held. It is an event that the Black Desert Development has been around the world to listen to users’ voices closer.

◆ Overline exhibition demand grows… G-Star all-time success notice

G-Star, an international game exhibition, which has shrunk for the past two years due to the spread of Corona 19, is expected to be held this year. As demand for offline exhibitions increased, the entire booth of the G-Star 2022 B2C Hall 1, which will be held in BEXCO, Busan from November 17 to 20, is closed. The Organizing Committee will proceed with the B2C Hall (Hybrid Zone) general application on the third floor of the 2nd exhibition hall under the first exhibition booth closing. This is the first time this year that the B2C space is located in the second exhibition hall. The G-Star Organizing Committee also plans to make the exhibition booth at the previous level of the corona 19 with the goal of ‘complete normalization’.


In fact, the 2022 Play Expo, which was held in Goyang KINTEX for three days from May 12 to 15, is also reported to have recorded 76,29 visitors.

◆ Web 3.0 meta buses continued after the fan Demick

As Nexon announced its participation in the ‘Meta Bus Competition’ as a MapleStory IP, Nexon, Netmarble, NCsoft, including Big 3, Craepon, Kakao Games, Com2us, Nixel, and Supercat, etc. It has been formalized to advance.

The value of methuses has increased due to the rapid expansion of Corona 19 Fan Demick and non-face-to-face service, which is expected to continue after the endeaux. Game companies have a common plan to build their own meta bus services that can be active and profitable for a variety of users. The company plans to show the optimized service by going to the web 3.0 flow that users own and manages the data generated on the decentralization and the Internet.

In order to expand the inflow of users and to develop the market size of the metabus, many companies are expected to cooperate with each other and jointly develop contents. For example, Craepon and Supercat are building their own meta buses in collaboration with the developer Naver Jet, the developer of Zepeto, known as Korea’s largest meta bus service.