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DC confirms that they will eliminate Harley Quinn

Something that happens very commonly in the world of superheroes is the death of characters, this has happened with great names like _Superman. Batman, Iron Man, among others quite loved by the public. However, dc would be plans to bring a villain to the grave that has gradually placed in pop culture, Harley Quinn.

Although fans must be calm, since it will be within the world of comics, specifically in Harley Quinn #22 , of the writer Stephanie Phillips and the artist Matteo Lolli . Number that will give a guideline to the faithful companion of Joker , this time being permanently murdered by a character that has not been revealed at the moment.

Here the synopsis of history:

Quinn is dead! Long life to Quinn! They kill me in this… really.

Dead. Deceased Ex. Date. Pushing margaritas. Someone has to solve my murder, and since I don’t see Sherlock Holmes or Hercules Poirot, I guess I will have to be. Although, since I am dead… there are certain obstacles to overcome. The wildest arc and Harley style begins right here… Get ready for murder, multiverse mischief and more special appearances.


Without a doubt, the official announcement made dc worried fans of the film, since many still see Margot Robbie’s potential as an actress of this villain. However, they may be calm, since the paper version is who will suffer the terrible destination, although the comic history could indicate that she will relive in some way.