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World War I FPS ISONZO distribution date! Draw the Italian front Battle of Izonzo

M2H and Blackmill Games announced that Isonzo , the latest work of the FPS series WW1 Game Series set in World War I, will be distributed on September 13, local time. did.

Following the trench battle of Verdun and the mobile battle of TANNENBERG, this work has a mountain battle in the Izonzo Battle on the Italian front. It features an offensive mode focusing on the unique obstacles generated in mountain wars, making a base with barbed wires and soil, and a map and uniform based on historical facts.

Mountain war: Attack a fortress that towered on the mountains, fight in the ruined city, and cross the river. These are only a part of the player experiencing in countless enemies.

Tactical multiplayer FPS: Choose your role and loadout carefully. Become a sniper and sniper before the enemy engineer cuts the wire, and survive the mountain battle by destroying the enemy’s machine gun with a rifle grenade.

Game play based on World War I: The offense mode based on historical facts is a game mode that focuses on actual wars and focuses on the unique obstacles that occur in mountain wars. Fight with more than 30 kinds of weapons, poisonous gas attacks, and bombardment barrages at the time of World War I

Creating a base to make a victory: Place iron wires, soil sauce and trench periscrevioscope with your own hands! Whether you protect or attack, victory is not a dream if you change the battlefield advantageously

Soldiers’s appearance: Equipped each class with historical uniforms, accessories, headgear based on historical facts, and create your favorite appearance. As a finish, you can also choose a beard that makes you feel the air of the times!


World War II, based on historical facts: Everything, from maps, weapons, music, and uniforms, is accurately reproduced based on historical facts. Fight for the Kingdom of Italy or for the Austrian-Hungarian double empire

ISONZO, which faithfully reproduced World War I, will be distributed in Japanese for Windows (Steam, Epic Games Store)/PS5/PS4/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One.