Final Fantasy XIV

Square Enix introduces an event around Final Fantasy VII on June 16

Tetsuya Nomura had actually guaranteed him face to face throughout an online broadcast devoted to The First Soldier much less than a month earlier as well as Square Enix has just confirmed it: an event all to the magnificence of Final Fantasy VII, to The possibility of the 25th anniversary of the original video game, will be held survive on the night of June 16 to 17 from midnight.


While Final Fantasy XVI ultimately was dealt with to an incredible trailer exposing a number ofGamePlayduring the State of Play which was held last week, we are still waiting for a little cookie about the second phase of Final Fantasy VII remake. This event could for that reason be an opportunity for Square Enix to relay some pictures of this long-awaited suite and also even more details on what awaits us.

It might additionally be a chance to review Final Fantasy VII: Every Situation, this instead loyal recreation of the original game scheduled forsmartphones _. See you next Thursday at twelve o’clock at night for twelve o’clock at night to be clear.