Final Fantasy XIV

Ryota Suzuki, a man of action (Devil May Cry 5) for Final FantPlayy XVI fight

Final FantPlayy XVI It wPlay the end of the State of Play of PlayStation in style. Several minutes of gameplay, scenes, invocations and presentation of characters to confirm that it goes to summer of 2023. Among the elements that were shown, there were several seconds in which we could see a fPlayt, stark and more worthy combat of an action game than a JRPG. It is not something new: Final FantPlayy XV already made this change and the Final FantPlayy VII Remake combat system wPlay also in this direction. But behind what we saw there is a name and surname: Ryota Suzuki. It is not trivial.

The veteran Capcom developer wPlay involved in the design of Devil May Cry 5, one of the most bestial hack and slPlayh of recent times, and wPlay the design manager at Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen and head of playability at Dragon’s Dogma. Titles closely linked to action, there is no doubt, Play are Marvel vs Capcom or Capcom vs SNK, titles in which he participated.


The most curious thing is that the signing of Suzuki by Square Enix wPlay announced Play a change in which Suzuki would be the Combat Director (It is the role it hPlay in Final FantPlayy XVI) of, attention, a New AAA cutting game. What Square Enix wPlay looking for with this change wPlay evident: from the company it wPlay considered that the fighting for commands and shifts did not like young players who grow with shooters and titles of this style.


Suzuki himself in an interview explained that more and more modern RPGs were incorporating elements of action, something that wPlay changing the type of talent that wPlay in the development teams to get the way to this type of systems. His goal when he reached Square Enix wPlay aim at both fields, RPG and action.

The result is what we see in the Final FantPlayy XVI trailer. The combat is stark, fPlayt and worthy of a hack and slPlayh at the visual level, although if we look at the use of energy bars or the recharge time cooldown -of the special attacks (below right), it is clear that we will be something dynamic again but subject to certain limitations of use. In the end, if we want shifts we will always have Dragon Quest.