BIC Festival 2022, recruitment

Busan City (Mayor Lee Byung-jin), Busan Information Industry Promotion Agency (Director Chung Moon-seop), and Busan Indie Connect Festival Organizing Committee (Chairman Seo Tae-gun, BIC Organizing Committee) It announced on the 30th that it will start recruiting two ‘Vicconnors’.

‘Vicconnors’ is a compound word of the BIC Festival and Connecters, which means the center of connecting the BIC festival, the indie game developer and gamers. Anyone who is 14 years of age or older who loves domestic and foreign indie games can apply, and will be performing various activities at the BIC Festival 2022.

About 200 vigconneckers will be selected, and the selected Vicconnetors will be selected for game pre-play and review during the demo day, a connect pick exhibition selection voting ▲ participation in the selection award voting He will play as a supporter of the BIC Festival, including planning and participation. In addition, one step ahead of the general visitors, the opportunity to play the exhibition of the BIC Festival 2022 will be given, and the benefits of free viewing online and offline exhibitions and prescribed products will be paid.

Applications for the two Vicconnosters can be accepted through the BIC official website by the 17th, and one of the online and offline parts can be selected and supported. The selection results will be announced individually in June.

Meanwhile, following the general division of the exhibition, which was completed on the 25th, the rookie (student) division has been receiving through the BIC official website from the 16th thanks to the heated response. The Rookie Division, which was established in 2019 to encourage students who are interested in developing games and to discover new indie game developers, are attracting much attention this year as works with quirky ideas that attract attention every year are exhibited every year..

Chung Moon-seop, director of the Busan Information Industry Promotion Agency, said, “We are looking forward to the interest and participation of gamers who love indie games as BIC Festival 2022, where offline exhibitions are expanded, are more expected.”

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Seo Tae-gun, Chairman of Busan Indie Connect Festival, said, “Vicconneckers, who have been active last year, will return to the second year.” “In particular, this year, we expect to be a festival that will be closer to the public by satisfying various tastes of indie games as VICConnors’ participation in BIC Festivals will be expanded further.”

The Busan Information Industry Promotion Agency operates the Busan Global Game Center with the support of Busan Metropolitan City, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and the Korea Creative Contents Promotion Agency to foster the game industry in Busan. The BIC Festival is held every year with the Organizing Committee.