[Amazon Time Sale Festival] Popular external SSDs and micro SDs that can be used for PS4 and switches are affordable!

“Amazon Time Sale Festival” , which is being held on Amazon for a limited time from 9:00 on Saturday, May 28, 2022 to May 30 (Mon) 23:59. This time, we will pick up and introduce “Western Digital “, which sells a lot of reliable storage products. In this sale, a number of items are sold at special prices, such as 8K, 4K, and SD cards that can be used for game consoles that support all shooting of all HDs.

“Amazon Time Sale Festival” official page

PS4/PS5/Xbox SSDs that can be used in the Xbox series and MicroSD with a maximum of 300MB/s read!

First of all, the hottest product is PS4, PS5, Xbox, an external SSD “WD_BLACK D30” . This product has a 500GB / 1TB / 2TB capacity lineup, and if you expand the storage of game consoles with a 2TB model, users who play around the download version are safe. In addition, the viewing speed of up to 900MB/sec can shorten the loading time of the game, so you can experience more comfortable game life than ever.

In addition, the high performance of up to 300MB/s read and the SD card “SDSDXDK-064G-GHEIN” that supports all 8K/4K/full HD shooting is also eligible for sale. It is a popular product selected by professional photographers and video graphers, so it can be used for use other than games.

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In addition, the “WD_BLACK SN770” that combines the height of the cospa and the maximum read speed of 5,150MB/s, and the HDD “WD_BLACK SN770”, the state-of-the-art sea king algorithm and the advanced power management function “HDD” low power consumption “. Popular items such as “WD60EZAZ-EC” will also appear at a special sale price.

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“Amazon Time Sale Festival” official page