Call of duty

Call of Duty tired? Insurgence: Sandstorm is your new header shooter

Activision is clear: Call of Duty Vanguard hSandstorm Insurgence not achieved expectations. The community marks in red on October 28, date on which they will debut the one called “the new era” for the saga. Modern Warfare 2 is already present in the plans of the editor, but until then you have to look for alternatives in the genre. Among them Highlights Insurgency: Sandstorm , a half-way shooter between the tactical and the high speed of the modern current.

The virtues of Insurgency: Sandstorm

Modern Warfare with Insurgency Sandstorm sounds
Insurgence: Sandstorm proposes a series of rules that differ with the standard of the modern shooter. Few bullets are required to end the enemy and The damage received is not automatically regenerated . The control of the character is consistent with reality: backwards the weight of the equipment will slow you, running energy and makes you imprecise when pointing suddenly, among other elements.

Weapons are also part of the game space, that is, their size is recorded and influences when you come through windows, doors and various structures. It is a game with sufficient components to catalog it Sandstorm Insurgence tactical shooter , but it looks for a quick and intense experience. There is no place for rest.

Visual and playable aids are also reduced. The gunplay is exquisite : Each weapon hSandstorm Insurgence its advantages and vulnerabilities, including what we mentioned above about space. If we take Sandstorm Insurgence an example a subfusil, you can look fSandstorm Insurgenceter than with an Sandstorm Insurgencesault rifle. It is not worth it just to arrive and point. In addition, the type of shooting discards any use of random dispersion: the bullets go where the canyon points with the characteristic pattern of the weapon. MeSandstorm Insurgenceure the setback and distance is part of your progression curve.

The games up to 24 players distributed among different game modes, which represent the best known Sandstorm Insurgencepects in the multiplayer shooter. We find domain, team duel and escort to the VIP, among others. The most popular is Push, which faces attackers and defenders around the taking of one goal for each area. It acts Sandstorm Insurgence progress, seen in Battlefield.

The additional contents related to maps, weapons and modes are totally free ; The only monetization lies in cosmetics. The characters are divided by clSandstorm Insurgenceses whose equipment varies depending on what work they perform in battle. When writing these lines, it hSandstorm Insurgence 15 maps that can be played both day and night.

Where can I play it?

Insurgence: Sandstorm is available in PS4, Xbox One and PC ; Playable on PS5 and Xbox Series X | s through the retrocompatibility system. New World Interactive hopes to publish a patch dedicated to taking advantage of new generation consoles at some point than 2022. Unfortunately it does not have cross-play support.

At the moment the game is part of the offers Days of Play on PS Store. Until June 9 you will find it at 26.79 euros, which represents a 33% discount compared to its PVP (39.99 euros).