Final Fantasy XIV

It is rumored that Forspoken will be delayed again in favor of Final Fantasy 16

A new rumor has suggested that Square Enix could delay abandonado once again in favor of liberationFinal Fantasy XVI_. Earlier this year, Square Enix revealed that he would go back abandonado, his new IP of Luminous Productions, until October after the game was previously launched in May. And although it seemed that this new release date of October would not change again, a new rumor has suggested that, after all, this might not be the case.

Forspoken DELAYED & Its Impact on Final Fantasy 16

According to privileged information from the video game industry Nick Panaderosquare Enix may end up considering delay abandonado once again if you can find a way to releaseFinal Fantasy XVI_ In this calendar year. Currently,Final Fantasy XVI_ Square Enix does not have a launch window of any kind, but the editor has made it clear that he plans to show more of the title in the near future. Assuming that the project is advanced enough to be launched in 2022, Square can end up looking to delay abandonado at a later date to give prominence to the last game of Final Fantasy.

In theory, this could make sense since abandonado andFinal Fantasy XVI_ are two of the most important games that Square Enix has in project. Speaking both titles so close to each other would not be so logical. And hearing that Square would clearly seek to prioritize Final Fantasy, which is probably the largest property of the publishing house, on a new IP is not surprising either.

Once again, however, it is worth emphasizing that this is just a rumor and, as such, it must take everything that has been described here cautiously. As mentioned above, Square Enix has not even committed to a launch window of any kind for final XVI_fantasía still, so there is no reason to believe that it will arrive in 2022. With this in mind, abandonado should be very directed for Reach PlayStation 5 and PC on October 11, 2022, as stated above.

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