Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Trademark leaves fans with many questions

A new final fantasia the registered trademark has appeared online and is spinning along with lots of speculation. Recently, Square Enix confirmed that he has some news to share this year aboutFinal Fantasía_ for the 25th anniversary of the series. Final Fantasy 16 will be at the center of this celebration, but it seems more and more likely that there are some Final Fantasy 7_ News too.

As pointed out, a final fantasia the registered trademark has emerged online and is spinning. More specifically the renewal of “final fantasy vii remake intergrad”is doing the rounds . It is not clear why this DLC would be a registered trademark, since it was not available for renewal. As a result, many think that this registered trademark hints at a Steam launch or the launch of Xbox that has long been rumored. _Final Fantasy 7 remake part 2 – or whatever it ends by calling – probably not far from being revealed. However, there is nothing in this registered trademark that indicates this, which makes specular that it is a port of Final Fantasy 7_ and more plausible.

However, this is not the only new Square Enix commercial brand that has caught Internet attention. There is also a trademark “Labyrinth Striker” that has caught the attention of many, although nobody knows what it could be.

Square Enix Trademarks Could Suggest More Final Fantasy VII Spin Offs

Finally, there is a new commercial brand for “Final Bar Line”, which could also be almost anything. The “final” suggests that it could beFinal_ Fantasy related, but unless it is a kind of subtitle, this seems unlikely. And even if you are related to Final Fantasy, nobody knows what it could.

As expected, Square Enix has not commented on any of these registered trademarks or the speculation they have created. We do not expect this to change, especially at this time, but if you do, we will make sure to update the story accordingly. Meanwhile, to obtain more coverage above all thingsFinal Fantasia_ – including the latest inFinal Fantasia 14_, remake of Final Fantasy 7 and of courseFinal Fantasy 16_ – Click here.