Tick Talk, entering the game business.3Q outlook

Short video app Tick Talk enters the mobile game business.

The tech industry faces a challenging outlook in 2022

According to foreign sources such as Reuters on the 19th (local time), Tic Talk reported that it will showcase the game on the platform. He plans to pilot it in Vietnam, and he added that it will be outlined as early in the Southeast Asian game market in the third quarter.

The strategy is to maximize the effect of advertising sales by increasing app usage time with more than 1 billion monthly active users. TickTalk is not the first time in conjunction with the game and its app. Earlier, Facebook has launched the game in its app since 2016, and Netflix has differentiated it by introducing IP -based games in its app.

The TickTalk parent company, Bite Dance, also entered the game business in 2018. The game has been discovered as a new growth engine and acquired various game developers. However, when the Chinese authorities regulated the game industry last year, the company has begun a massive reduction in game studios.

As a result, TikTalk’s move is expected to be a test bed for the global game business of the byte dance.