Genshin Impact: all skills, talents and materials for climbing shikanoin heizou

Genshin Impact Shinacoin is a wasteful detective working under the leadership of Kujo Sarah in the Tenrya Commission. Despite the rebellious past, which seeps into his rampant approach to work, he is known as a person with high intuition, whose unique thought process helps him to understand the most difficult cases.

Chicanoin Hayzo is the owner of an ANEMO four -star catalyst with a unique game style, similar to martial arts in which fists are used instead of weapons. That’s all you need to prepare if you are going to reach for the cunning detective of the Inadzuma.

Heizou – skills, materials for ascension and much more!

martial arts in the style of Fudo

The usual attack * – performs up to five fist strikes reinforced by the mighty wind, inflicting ANEMO damage.
The charged attack – spends a certain amount of endurance and performs a sweeping blow by the foot that causes Anemu damage.
Suburban attack – calling for a raging wind, Haidzo rushes to the ground from the air, causing damage to all opponents in his path. Dealses damage to the area of action of ANEMO when hitting the ground.

H spontaneous skill: stroke heartfound

Kran * – owns a swift wind to launch a stroke of a stopping heart causing Anemu damage.
Keep – charges energy to deliver an even stronger blow. During charging, he will receive the effect of declination, which will increase the strength of the shock of the heart. When the skill button is released or the skill will complete the charging, it will hit ANEMO damage.
declension —The is the strength of the next HeartStopper Strike. Maximum four piles. When you have four declension stacks, the effect of condemnation will be made, which will make the next shock of heart stop even more and will have a large area of action.
* Cool -10 seconds.

Elemental Burst: Wind Bunch

  • Jumps into the air and uses a vacuum -beating fudo to hit the enemy with a foot, inflicting ANEMO damage in the region.
  • When Vacuum Slugger affects opponents under the influence of Hydro/Pyro/Cryo/Electro, these opponents will be affected by Windmuster Iris, which will explode and cause damage in the area of the corresponding mentioned element in an instant.
  • Vacuum Slugger can hit a maximum of four opponents using Windmuster Iris. One opponent cannot simultaneously be under the influence of the irises of Vetrograd of different elements.
    * Cool –12 seconds.


Paradoxical practice * – When chicanoin Heizou activates the reaction of the vortex, it will receive one glass declension to hit the heart. This effect can work once every 0.1 seconds.
Postering reasoning —The, as the “heart of the heart” of chicanoin Hidezo falls into the enemy, increases the skill of the elements of all members of the group (with the exception of Shikanoin Hidezo) by 80 by 10 seconds.
The previously existing wine – reduces the consumption of endurance during sprint for members of your group by 20 percent. It is not combined with passive talents that give exactly the same effects.


c1: named magazine of minors

  • Within five seconds, after the hezo chicanine goes on the battlefield, its normal attack rate increases by 15 percent. He also receives one declension for HeartStopper Strike.
  • This effect can work every 10 seconds.

C2: Investigative collection

  • When the vacuum Slagger in the style of Fudou, created by the blow of the windlier, explodes, he attracts the nearest opponents.

C3: Book of esoteric puzzles

  • Increases the level of HeartStopper Strike by three. The maximum level of improvement is 15.

c4: Folio of lies

  • The first explosion of the rainbow shell of the wind in every blow of the wind replenishes nine units of energy of the elements of the chicanoin Hadezou.
  • Each subsequent explosion in this strike Windmuster Kick regenerates an additional 1.5 energy for Heizou.
  • Thus, one blow of the wind of wind can generate a total of 13.5 energy for Heidzou.

C5: Secret Archive

  • Increases the level of Windmuster Kick by three. The maximum level of improvement is 15.

C6: Curious things

  • Each glass of declension increases the chance of a critical blow of the shock of the heart stopping by four percent. When Heyzo has Conviction, the critical damage of this HeartStopper Strike increases by 32 percent.

Materials of Ascension

All images are clickable and will help you get additional information on how to request them in the game.

Reach the 20th level and 15th rank of adventure to make your first ascent.

Ascension Phase 1

Adventure Rang 15 | Level 20> 40

Ascension Phase 2

Adventure Rang 25 | Level 40> 50

Ascension Phase 3

Adventure Rang 30 | Level 50> 60

Ascension Phase 4

Adventure Rang 35 | Level 60> 70

Ascension Phase 5

Adventure Rang 40 | Level 70> 80

Ascension Phase 6

Adventure Rang 45 | Level 80> 90

Materials to improve talents

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Ascension of the level of talent requires your character to be in the 2nd phase of ascension.

Talent level 1> 2

Talent level 2> 3

Talent level 3> 4

Talent level 4> 5

Shikanoin Heizou Ascension & Talent Materials
Talent level 5> 6

Talent level 6> 7

Talent level 7> 8

Talent level 8> 9

Talent level 9> 10

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