Netmarble TPS MOBA PC game Overframe, musician Jackwol and OST production

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Netmarble said today (13th) composed the OST of the world -renowned game music composer, Jackwol, OST, 3D TPS MOBA PC Game Overfrime (Developer Netmarble FF & C).

Jackwol is a musician who composed various original soundtracks for more than 20 years, including Call of Duty and Mass Effect series, and won the ASCAP hosted by the American Musician Association in 2013.

Jackwol has shown a new style of music using heavy and dramatic OSTs, as well as heavy metal and various percussion instruments through collaboration with world -class orchestras.

Jackwol analyzed the Overprime concept art, story, and gameplay flow, and recorded a magnificent sound by recording the sound source in Jushephe Verdi Hall.

Jackwol said, “When I received various works related to overprime, I was inspired by visual things, and it was fun to music based on it.”

Netmarble unveiled the video of Jackwall’s production of Overfrime OST on the Overframe official SNS channel and YouTube.

Netmarble is developing Overfrime is a PC game that combines a third -person shooting and a MOBA genre. The game is designed to peak the ‘strategy’, the core of the MOBA genre, and provides TPS intuitively fast tempo battles.

Heroes are divided into warriors, supporters, ranged dealers, wizards, tankers, and assassins. The map has a variety of objects, such as ‘jump pads’ that can be moved quickly to the battlefield, ‘shadow pond’ that can be hidden, and AI NPC ‘Tian’, and can create various strategies and reversals using them.

Netmarble successfully completed the second CBT of Overfrime on the 9th, and will introduce the early access version in the global game distribution platform ‘Steam’ in the second half.

For more information about Overfrime, you can check the Steam page , official website , YouTube , Facebook .