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Final Fantasy 7 Remake est

The media threshing around final fantasy 7 remake is not unexpected. The original occupies a special place at the heart of countless players, and many are ready to dive into its remaster.

Everyone knows that final fantasy 7 remake is being released on PlayStation 4, but there is a certain confusion as to whether it will be worn on PC. If you are looking for a final answer to find out if it will be the case, we have what you need.

Can I play Final Fantasy 7 Remake on PC?

Final Fantasy 7 remake will be released on PS4 on Friday April 10. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, some PS4 owners have already received their copies and dive head down in Midgar.

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For PC players, however, there are no good news, we are afraid. Final Fantasy 7 remake is only available on the Sony console. The Final Fantasy The series has a story with the Sony consoles over the years. While other franchise entries have been published on PC – and on other platforms – Final Fantasy 7 remake does not come on PC.

Finally, for the moment anyway. For the moment, it is only available on PS4, but there have been murmurs of a possible PC port. According to the art of the physical copy box of the game, as published by Twitter Wario64 last December, final Fantasy 7 remake is an exclusive PS4 timed for a year. This means that it could be focused on other platforms in 2021.

The dataminers have also discovered possible specifications of hidden PC port in the final fantasy 7 remake demonstration code. User Twitter ROXYPS3 Images posted which revealed higher resolutions, as well as the NVIDIA and AMD support, in the demo. The screenshots have since been deleted, but the tweets are still there.

Finally, we know that other PS4 timed exclusives have worked or operate on PC.Dampering of death_ was an exclusivity when it was released in November 2019, but a PC port arrives on June 2. Even if final Fantasy 7 remake was exclusive to the PS4 for a year, it is not outside the field of the possibility that we could have a PC version of the game this time next year.

For the moment, however, you cannot play final fantasy 7 remake on PS4.