FC Schalke 04 | Büskens confessed: somehow felt wrong

With his almost two and a half month commitment as a renewed interim coach at FC Schalke 04, Mike Büskens has finally risen to the club legend of FC Schalke 04. The 54-year-old led the club back to the Bundesliga in a position, which he originally didn’t want.

“I have to admit that I could not really fill the role as an interim coach, at least for my own feeling, at all. ” a.

Nevertheless, the time after the change of coach was a single success story for the ex-professional. Eight of the nine games under the responsibility of Büsken ‘were won. Within a few weeks, the leap from sixth place went to first place, culminating in the second division championship last Sunday.

“It was fantastic how we all developed this energy together. But yes, some people had to drive me into this position. A few years ago, I deliberately decided not to want to stand in this first row,” said the successful trainer further.

For Büskens it is clear that from then on he will again work with the same passion for his work as a assistant coach to help the club in the Bundesliga – under whatever head coach.

Büskens promises successor full loyalty

Around FC Schalke 04, the conjectures are increasing that the new line boss in Gelsenkirchen should be particularly difficult, with such a successful predecessor and now assistant coach Mike Büskens in the background.

The promotion coach again assured his successor full loyalty: “I can clearly cope with my role as an assistant coach. […] That is what I want. Where I feel comfortable. Where I have a good and extensive look on young players and can support them on their way to the seasoned professional. The new trainer will know that I am not on his post. I only have one thing in mind: to support the new coach with advice and action. “

It was still not clear who the new head coach will be on Schalke. Büskenss board member Rouven Schröder is currently highly dedicated to this personnel question.