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Final Fantasy 7 remake: over 500 US

The game Final Fantasy 7 remake inspired the fans of the series about two years ago. Tifa is still one of the most popular characters in this game. If you also like her, you can buy a figure from her, which is not entirely youth -free.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake: For this figure you have to do a lot of sheets

Fans are currently waiting for the announcement of the second part of Final Fantasy 7 remake. As in the original, Tifa, of course, also plays a major role here, accordingly it is used for merchandise. For example, the company FARGK produces high -quality figures, who are now and then aimed only at adults .

Vtuber D-Piddy shared pictures of a TIFA figure in the Jack-O-Pose , known for a character from the Guilty Gear fighting game series. In 2021 the pose went viral – it was probably essential that a character from Final Fantasy 7 would be used at some point.

The 36 centimeter figure is available in different versions : Standard, with an interchangeable naked body, with an interchangeable combat suit and naked body or with two interchangeable bodies. The prices currently vary from $ 544.99 up to $ 728.99, equivalent to EUR 523.49 to 699.90 euros. If the early bird discount has expired, it becomes significantly more expensive.

_Das is not the first time that Tifa Ü18 is shown: _

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Final Fantasy 7 remake: When should part 2 appear?

The original from Final Fantasy 7 celebrated its 25th anniversary in January and, according to Yoshinori Kitas, Game Director of the game, part 2 of the remake is to be announced this year. Square Enix now has around six months and new information about the upcoming game would be a nice gesture for this anniversary. (Source: YouTube)

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