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Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis: Release

Over a year after the announcement of Final Fantasy 7 ever crisis , Square Enix for the first time called the release period for the mobile remake as a role-playing classic. According to Cyberagent’s financial report, the title appears at the end of September 2022 for iOS and Android . However, the entire game will not be available. Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis is divided into episodes and is therefore gradually completed.

What does Final Fantasy offer 7 ever crisis?

Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis RELEASE DATE That NOONE is Talking About!

In detail, Ever Crisis is a new count of the original from 1997. The developers of Applibot would like to publish further episodes in the monthly rhythm, which then tells another chapter of the story. The game is not only about Final Fantasy 7, but also for other stories in the universe of Square Enix’s popular role -playing game.

Which games are included in ever crisis?

The entire story of Final Fantasy 7 is to be told in a package with the mobile title. That is why fans can also look forward to episodes Crisis Core, Dirge of Cerberus and Before Crisis . In addition, Advent Children \ – The film for the game – is also taken up in ever Crisis. You playfully orientate yourself on the Active Time Battle system of the PS1 template at that time. A trailer for Final Fantasy 7 ever crisis can be found here below.

free-to-play title with microtransactions

Fans for the individual episodes do not have to pay anything. Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis will be available as Free2Play title . The game should finance itself via loot boxes that can be bought in the shop. There are different weapons and outfits for cloud, tifa and the other characters of the title. Already at the end of 2021 a Battle Royale shooter was published in the FF7 universe for mobile devices with the first soldier .

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