Last oasis

The developers of MMO Last Oasis reacted to a low online processing of the construction system

In the Last Oasis MMO, the 4th season begins, and in this regard, the Donkey Crew team plans to process the walker construction system. Walkers are large vehicles that can be used in battle, and in the new processing of the system it is planned to remove free placement of buildings on the walkers. It is unnecessary to say that the community was not enthusiastic about these changes.

Changes will lead to the emergence of a new system of hardPins, in the framework of which players will be able to place pre -installed elements corresponding to their class on the walkers. For example, on small steps there will be a place for small objects, such as boxes with cartridges and small chests, while on large steps there will be a place for craft stations and large weapons. The players’ community was not entirely satisfied with these changes, which made Donkey Crew write a message, promising more transparent communication and presenting his intentions regarding the game systems.

Last Oasis Developer Interview | GDC 2019 | Unreal Engine
Ultimately, they come down to the formation of the experience of a new player. The number of active players was rapidly reduced and therefore the developers decided to make dramatic changes to the game.