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Final Fantasy 16: Developers worked on a multiplayer

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Numerous developers behind Final Fantasy 16 apparently worked on a kind of Bloodborne for over a year. The game is said to have focused on a asymmetrical multiplayer in which four players or players compete against one person. According to the asymmetry, this would have had the strongest attributes. The gameplay itself, as well as the weapons and the scenario, would have strongly reminded of Bloodborne. This story became known by Naoki Yoshida, one of the central heads behind Final Fantasy 16. Yoshida regularly works on columns for the Japanese video game magazine Famitsu and spoke as part of this series about the game reminiscent of Bloodborne. This was now known for those who do not master the Japanese language by a fan translation.

At a time, the project was under development when Yoshida was not yet used as a producer for Final Fantasy 14. Yoshida clearly describes the project as a Bloodborne combined with the concept of the asymmetrical multiplayer.

early end by Final Fantasy 14

However, the development ended when Yoshida and his colleagues were commissioned to repair Final Fantasy 14 . According to Hiroshi Takai , another head of the project, the game already took shape after six to eight months. Nevertheless, Takai was not satisfied with the progress of the project, as the employees took too long in his eyes to find solutions for problems in development.

Interestingly, Yoshida emphasizes in the column that he assumes that the game would have become an absolute flop. Final Fantasy 14, on the other hand, ultimately developed into an absolute success for Square Enix after a very difficult launch. An end to the development of the broken project was apparently not in sight. You also looked at the release of Bloodborne in 2015 with a little surprising, after all there were numerous similarities to the own former project.

episodes for Final Fantasy 16?

It is questionable whether ideas and concepts from this former project will find their way into the 16th part of the final series. In any case, the story enables numerous speculations what a Bloodborne game with asymmetrical multiplayer from Square Enix would have looked like. In addition, we recently reported that fans will soon be able to look forward to Final Fantasy 16, according to Yoshida.

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