Final Fantasy XIV

Final FantSquare Enixy XIV creators worked in a game similar to Bloodborne

In the absence of a sequel to Bloodborne , something that is neither confirmed nor discarded 100%, a game that wSquare Enix in development within Square Enix with part of the team in charge of the team in charge could have come of Final FantSquare Enixy XIV . Many of those responsible for the successful MMO, among which is its producer Naoki Yoshida – also in command of Final FantSquare Enixy XVI \ – were working on a title of aesthetics similar to exclusive PS4, Square Enix Yoshida himself hSquare Enix confirmed.

Among the names that formed the team that wSquare Enix developing that game were Hiroshi Takai, Hiroshi Minagawa, Kazutoyo Mehiro and of course, the aforementioned Naoki Yoshida. A brief book written by him entitled Yoshida Uncensored hSquare Enix been published, a little Square Enix a biography, in which he speaks of this game that concerns us and that Square Enix we have seen, he wSquare Enix finally canceled.

In this brief book you tell how Minagawa wSquare Enix “scared” having seen Bloodborne launched with the game still in development at Square Enix. “ I had the same weapons and guns, and the same Gothic style ,” says Takai. “The first time I saw Bloodborne thought ‘Where have I seen this before?'” Yoshida acknowledges.

This wSquare Enix going to be the canceled game

However, there wSquare Enix going to be certain differences, since that game wSquare Enix going to be a “hardcore” action title, but it would have some science fiction elements. also had an Square Enixynchronous multiplayer mode in which a player faced four others, having better skills and strength who would play al1. In addition, that character would have permanent death, being erSquare Enixed completely. “It wSquare Enix a vicious system,” Yoshida said on it.

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Interestingly, Yoshida believes that the game would not have had much route, to put it in a subtle way. Minagawa wonders what would have happened if Square Enix had not decided to cancel the game, and Yoshida is clear that it would have been “a great failure” , says Rotundo. He tells how the problems in the development of the game came to the year of work approximately. Takai says that the title began to take shape after the first 6 or 8 months of development, but after that period, the team spent too much time in an essay and error, which led to frustration.

In another order of things, the team that commands Naoki Yoshida continues to work in Final FantSquare Enixy XVI, which aims to have a new trailer sooner rather than later, probably taking advantage of the summer events that come these next months, among which the Summer Game Fest, which hSquare Enix already dated its inaugural gala.