Final Fantasy XIV

“FF16” new PV will be released soon! Naoki Yoshida revealed on the official live broadcast of “Nier Re [IN] Carnation”

Square Enix’s Naoki Yoshida will appear on the official live broadcast of “Nier Re [IN] Carnation” “Nieri Rinker Neither Live Broadcast #9 -FF14 Collaboration Special Number” and “ Final Fantasy XVI Was mentioned a new PV.

The new information of the RPG “Final Fantasy XVI” for PS5 was postponed in December 2021 and was scheduled to be released around the spring of 2022. Mr. Yoshida, who appeared on the live broadcast, mentioned this, “How long is your spring?” He continued, saying that a new PV will be released soon, saying, “I was already done and there were various circumstances.” In addition to the new PV, Yosuke Saito, who has already seen the next one, states that it is a workmanship that makes him laugh unintentionally.

It also mentioned UNIQLO’s free paper “UT Magazine Issu 6 2022 Summer”, which became a hot topic about the development status, and commented that “development is full” was dissatisfied by the company’s North American public relations staff. Is also clear.

“Final Fantasy XVI” is under development for PS5.