Final Fantasy XIV

Can I really play alone? I tried playing “FF14 New Eorzea” solo #4 [Final battle edition]

MMORPG “ Final Fantasy XIV ” operated by Square Enix. The large update on April 12 has implemented a function that allows the “Shinsei Eorzea” implementation content to be able to capture solo at the beginning of the game, and can play the main story alone.

In this article, which is the last episode of the serialization, which has continued with basic commentary, content practice, and job acquisition, we will finally capture the content of the last “Shinsei Eorzea”!

The next barbane is “Garuda”! The warrior of light is to the extremely cold Kurzas

The light warrior visits the Kurzas region to search for the missing flying boat “Enterprise”. This is a snowy city country, Ishgard, and this country has been fighting for a thousand years with the Dragon tribe. It is also the stage of the first expansion package of “FF14”, “Ishgardo no Ishgardo”, and is included in the range of the fret life, but it is out of the scope of solo play.

The dungeon that exists in the Kurzas region is “ Stone Vizil ” and was once used as an intercept for dragon tribes, but it seems to have been occupied by a powerful dragon. For the Enterprise, we will go to recapture the fortress!

In the past, the processing of Avis, a dragon that has been around the area, was a difficult dungeon, but the number of Avis has been greatly reduced by updating. Furthermore, the two bosses “Koshchei” were renovated in both the stage and the content, making it a simple battle. There is a difference in the speed of the tornado, so let’s go well!

In the final boss “Iskebind”, it uses techniques such as “Seat of Ice”, which sets up the range at the foot of the player, and “car -rise”, which rushes with cold air from the outer periphery of the field. It is important to note that the gimmick of “seeing the field periphery” will continue to appear in the future.

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~ Garuda defeat battle ~

The Enterprise will be found safely and will finally enter the root castle of the wind barbarian god “Garuda”! Enterprise, start!…… You say! !

Garuda’s attack is more intense than if I fled and Titan so far, and the ferocious Garuda attack is fierce. In addition to creating strong winds and narrowing the field, there are also attacks that can be avoided behind the stone pagoda, so observe the movement of the field and NPC well.

I won’t let you say a story frame anymore! Lady’s intense general “Lit Athin”

At the end of the story, the Light Warriors Eorzea Alliance will perform the “Mart of Al Consse Operation” for the Gallemar Empire. The first step in the operation is the Imperial Army’s camp captain, “ Lit Athin Sus Alvina “.

In the past, it was the first eight -player content content, but because of the “ player’s equipment that is too strong to be bumpy in less than a minute “, and because of the good peripheral efficiency in a certain content. “Tin -san” was treated as a story character, such as overfishing. In the content renovation of “Shinsei Eorzea”, it became a solo battle, which was a big topic among players.

Lit ATIN, who uses the gun shield “Tartaros” equipped on his arms to make various attacks. The alternate attack continues, not ashamed of the name of the Imperial Captain.

Although he managed to destroy it once, his subordinates, who should have withdrawn, rushed as a reinforcement with the determination of death. Such a development, sloppy!

In response to his feelings of his subordinates, the struggle was so empty, Lit Athin transcends the limit. Attacks using Tartaros are even more fierce, and attacks that cover most of the fields appear. This man is strong…

Nevertheless, he stands up and is prepared to defeat even if he snaps the light warrior. This development, where the HP is cut by each other, is a struggle, and I can’t say anything anymore. Until the end, he has been loyal to General Gaius, and his subordinates, who are too hot, Litotin…