Sirfetch confirmed as a Pokemon Sword exclusivity

Sirfetch’D is a pépée Pokémon exclusivity confirmed by a new video published on the official YouTube channel of Pokemon. The Farfetch’D who live in the Galar region will be able to evolve towards Sirfetch’D, once they have accumulated enough experience.

Sirfetch’d Revealed as Pokémon Sword Version Exclusive!

Sirfetch’D is a type of combat which seems to have the mission of making vegetables eat other Pokémon. The entry of Pokemon Pokedex has this to say about Sirfetch: “Only the Farfetch’d who have survived many battles can reach this evolution. When that pokémon The leek fades, it will withdraw from the fight. How to transform a Farfetch into a sirfetch remains a mystery.

Sirfetch can make the new movement of Meteor Assault. Only Sirfetch’D can learn it. According to the Pokemon site manager, “Sirfetch’d points his leek on his opponent and loads towards him at a high speed. This blow is terribly powerful! However, it seems that the blow also puts a lot of tension on Sirfetch’d. will not be able to act immediately afterwards. Using this movement. “

The new Pokémon also goes into combat armed with a leave shield and a giant leek as a spear. It is therefore something to consider the next time you feel that you are missing tools to do the work. Because Sirfetch’D is an exclusive Pokémon_ epered, you can bet on a new exclusive Pokemon for _Pokémon Bouclier Relax soon.

_ Pokémon_ and BoulClier explores are ready to go out for the Nintendo Switch on November 15.