Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is viral again by a Google translation

_ Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure _ It has become a phenomenon for many generations, this is because the adventures of the Joestars continue to be written day by day from the hand of _ Hirohiko Araki _ . And while the new series is coming, some users take the freedom to play with some translations of the first volumes of the saga.

The Twitter user Jojogtranslated shared the first chapters that were created, taking the text and dialogue and introducing them in Google Translate , creating some strange phrases that certainly do not always capture the spirit of the words written by the creator. Even so, the winks will seem fun to the most fans.

Regarding anime updates, in autumn this year the next arc will arrive at the _ Netflix _ in rescue of her father. Just in these chapters, users will receive a revelation of the most controversial, which at the moment is only to appreciate in the manga.

Jotaro vs. DIO but it's translated a 1000 times in google translate
In news related to Japan animation. New images were revealed that are linked to the _ Dragon Ball Super: super hero _ , in them we can see Piccoro and Broly with a new outfit. To take a look, we invite you to click on the following link.

Editor’s note : Jojo ’s demonstrates that he can always continue innovating in history, which is why his fans do not miss any of the new volumes of the manga. It could be said that the series has a longevity as wide as that of the same One Piece.