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Madworld of despair and chaos, Final Alpha on the 25th

Grass Soft has released a video of the final alpha notification video of the new MMORPG ‘Mad World -Age of Darkness- (Mad World)’.

Madworld is a story -based nucleus and slash MMORPG that unveils the extreme desperate worldview with a complete story. The developers said they would like to give new fun by twisting the formula of Korea MMORPG with the characters, background designs that make use of probability, 2D art style using handdow wing techniques, and high -freedom growth and combat systems.

In Final Alpha, you can see a total of 14 new versions, including the newly added Indun, scenario map, three bosses, and new elite bosses.

The new content dungeon of the closed psychiatric concept, The Brainworthiness of the Lord, is a place where the boss “Damian” brains human beings. Beyond the gorgeous lobby, there is a sullen and bizarre sequencing room, and all areas are filled with the evil magic of the boss Damian.

The new quest dungeon, “The Ruins of Ancient Civilization,” with a concept of civilization thousands of years ago, has been asleep in the basement for a long time. However, it was opened in thousands of years by a robber who coveted the treasure. The ruins of ancient civilizations, where mysterious treasures and terrible secrets are hidden, are caused by various traps.

The new boss, Golden Watersist Parin, is a mercenary evil hired by the great evil horse Mamon. ‘Parin’ is a greedy enough to betray the employment owner, Mamon, and covet his gold. The parliament, which attacks the weapons freely, is one of the very strong devils.

The new boss, Palopo, is originally a cleaner, which was rich in the sea of abyss. Palopo, which has descended into the human world, is making a new sea of sea by landing all overflowing creatures.

Mad World MMORPG - Final Alpha Announcement - Last Chance to Experience the Mad World

Madworld is developed with HTML5 technology, so it can be played without installation, so it has a great advantage to connect to the game according to its environment without the constraints of the place and device. In addition, the company plans to conduct a final Alpha test on the PC web for seven days from May 25, 2022, and aims to launch the third quarter after the last game polishing work.

It will be expanded to Mobile and console platform after launch in PC version.