How to get all the subjects of the avatar of the month of awareness of mental health in Roblox Alo Sanctuary

In order to draw attention to the month recognized in the United States, Alo Yoga added 11 new avatar elements to her list. Sanctuary of ALO Experience, which can be obtained for free during May . This is not the first time that ALO SANCTYARY offers its players free items, since the brand initially realized another set of free items for avatars after its debut in February 2022.

Free items in the sanctuary of ALO

11 new items added to this experience, and the methods of obtaining them are listed below. For a more detailed step -by -step leadership, continue to read further than this list.

  • White Trucker Hat
    Full access to motivation * Meditation once once
  • Warrior mat + ALO yoga strap (Blue tie)
    Complete navigation on stress * Meditation session once

  • Warrior rug + ALO yoga strap (pink tie-dye)
    Full Development of compassion for yourself * SENTITION ONE Once
  • Renown pulver with a round neckline – black

How to get ALL ITEMS in the ALO SANCTUARY!! (Roblox Alo Yoga Event) *FREE ITEMS*
* Complete five inconsistent meditation sessions during May.
* Goat jacket – black
* Complete 10 consecutive meditation sessions during May.
* Quilted sweatshirt with a hood Arena + quilted Arena shorts
* Complete 20 consecutive meditation sessions during May.
* Crown of statement
* Collect three inconsistent daily affirmations during May
* Sprint jacket
* Collect 10 inconsistent daily affirmations during May.
* Hoody with the effect of ombre + sweatpants with an ombre effect
* Collect 20 inconsistent daily affirmations during May.

Completion of meditation sessions

To collect all the objects requiring meditation sessions, you need to visit mediation hall once a day for up to 20 days, depending on what objects you want to unlock. This hall is located to the right of Alo Shop **.

To begin to meditate, go through a large arch and go to the platform surrounded by water. As soon as you stepped on the platform, you should see the interaction button with the inscription Start meditation -mor e do this.

After pressing e , a menu of meditation of awareness will appear. To get two yoga rugs with a Tai-Dai print and a white-fighter hat, select each of the three lower options, access to motivation , navigation for stress and Development of compassion for yourself , at least once. Having passed each of these meditation sessions, you will receive three corresponding items of the avatar.

To earn three other objects for meditation: a bullet with a round neckline Black Renown, a black Goat jacket and a quilted set for the arena, you need to return to the meditation hall and meditating using any option for five, 10 or 20 days. These days do not have to go in a row, so do not worry if you miss the day!

collection of daily affirmations

To collect daily affirmations, you need to find daily affirmation stone . This task is a little more complicated than meditation, since a stone of daily statements appears in a new place every day. To find a stone and get confirmation, you will need to explore the map along and across. An example of the location of the stone can be found below.

As soon as you found a stone, just go to it and click e – this will cause a sound that will give you daily confirmation. To earn a crown of statements, a sprinter jacket and a set of ombre, you will need to find this stone once a day for three, 10 or 20 days. As in the case of meditation sessions, 20 days of searching for stone do not have to occur in a row, so there will be no punishment for the missed day.

tracking of progress

To track the progress of collecting objects in any subject, find and click on the icon alo button on the right side of the screen. At the same time, the achievement menu will open where you can see all the currently available objects and your updated progress in their unlocking.


If you follow this leadership, having completed all of the above steps, and you will not immediately see your awards in the inventory, do not be upset! In order for the icons of events and the appropriate items to appear in the inventory of the players, several hours, days or even weeks can pass, therefore, most likely, not you” problem , but rather a failure in the Roblox process. These items should appear in your avatar inventory over the next week, if not earlier.

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