Red Bull Salzburg crowns the ÖFB Cup

The favorite prevailed on Sunday in the ÖFB cup final in Klagenfurt. It was called Red Bull Salzburg, who “Bullen” won the competition for the ninth time – record cup winner is Austria Vienna with 27 titles. In front of 7,800 spectators in the Wörthersee Stadium, the team of coach Matthias Jaissle prevailed against SV Ried 3: 0 (1-0) and managed the ninth double in club history (the fourth one after the other).

Luka Sucic (27th) scored the lead against courageous but hapless Upper Austrians with a shot from the picture book. A header goal by Maximilian Wöber (52nd) shortly after the break made the task for Ried even more difficult. Salzburg also had a game of the game in the torn final phase and made the 3-0 out of a counterattack by Benjamin Sesko.

ÖFB Cup Finale / Red Bull Salzburg vs Lask / goals and highlights

Wöber with the preliminary decision

After a minute’s commemorative minute for the ex-storm graz coach Ivan Osim, who died on Sunday, both teams initially bravely played ahead. The Salzburg, who started in the current best line -up, did this from a higher possession of the ball. Ried was able to look forward to the larger fanzus blend from the ranks, around 3,500 followers are said to have opened up to Carinthia. Only about half counted the contingent of the old and new master.

Something like a liquid game did not come about at the beginning because of many interruptions. With Martin Höfler, a line judge resigned due to a quarter of an hour due to injury, René Eisner replaced him. Ried was most dangerous about standard situations. After a – ultimately deflected – free kick from captain Marcel Ziegl, Salzburg started a quick counterattack with a long ball. Official assistant Karim Adeyemi found Sucic centrally outside of the penalty area, the native of Linz with a Croatian passport chased the ball on the left of the right.

Before the break whistle, Ried tried to send the fast Ante Bajic down. Salzburg goalkeeper Philipp Köhn was just as often compliant on the ball even faster. After the change of sides, the 26-year-old striker had Rasmus Kristensen get out in the 47th minute and targeted the long corner-but Köhn was on the spot again. Not much later, Wöber then got the preliminary decision after a short-played corner kick and Okafor flank. The central defender jumped higher in the middle than everyone else and headed past Samuel Sahin-Radlinger into the right corner.

penalty alarm towards the end of the game

ADEYEMI (60th) awarded Andreas Ulmer the chance of 3-0. Shortly thereafter, the ball was in the goal, but referee Alexander Harkam recognized an offense after Var consultation. ADEYMI had slipped in Sahin-Radlinger with a full Karacho. For the final phase, another faster man came on the Salzburg with the American Brenden. Bajic was tireless with the Riedern, and Köhn picked his fall back relatively safely in the 67th minute.

In the last 20 minutes, the minds heated up – that also showed that Ried did not want to give up the game. Bajic (83.) initially failed again at Köhn, the substitute Leo Mikic aimed at the empty goal, but Wöber scratched the ball from the line. The center -back was the focus two minutes later: his possible handball defused a dangerous shot, but was not punished with a penalty. Sesco then scored the 3-0 final score from a counterattack after Adeyemi flank. The Slovenian is also in the competition with five goals.