Netmarble, Kungya animated YouTube official channel

Netmarble (CEO Kwon Young -sik, Do Ki -wook) announced on the 29th that it will release animations using ‘Kungya’ intellectual property (IP) on the official YouTube channel.

The company has expanded various contents such as ‘Kungya Kungya Animation’, ‘Kungya Adventure’ and ‘Kungya Catch Mind Mobile’, starting with the online game ‘Vegetable Vegetables’ to strengthen Kungya IP competitiveness.

Netmarble changed the Kungya’s English name to ‘Kuya’, renewed her character design and worldview, and revealed her Kungya animation as the first step to expand to MZ generation and global market.

The Kungya Animation is a 3D animation of comedy and slacks that depicts the daily life of Kungya living in the forest. Starting with a total of 50 episodes through the official YouTube channel, the new episode will be released every week.

Teaser for

The renewed Kungya IP is preparing to visit users in various forms in addition to animation. The Netmarble Store will be able to meet a variety of products, including new Kungya Goods, and the new game ‘Merge Kungya Island’, which collects resources and kungya to decorate your own island, is developing with the goal of launching in 2022. In addition, Netmarble is preparing various contents using Kungya IP.