尹 Algorithm Transparency Committee in the Portal

The Presidential Acquisition Committee promotes the establishment of a legal organization called the Algorithm Transparency Committee. The government plans to increase the reliability and transparency of the media platform, such as the prevention of fake news distribution, and the government is equipped with experts.

Park Sung -jung, a member of the Science and Technology Education Division, said in a briefing on the 2nd. It’s time to improve. ”

Park said, “Last year, Naver Kakao’s average number of users per day reached 882 million, and the media influence on social opinion showed that the portal had an equal influence with TV.” “We are leading the formation of public opinion by choosing the media out of the press and exercising de facto editorial rights such as news arrangements.”

First of all, the company plans to verify the portal’s definition bias and fake news distribution.

Park said, “In 2016, fake news was outbreaking in the US presidential election, and at the time, Google and Facebook were considered the epicenter of fake news, and they were criticized, and their excuse was algorithm.” “We are being criticized for taking care of our interests.”

Accordingly, the position is to look at the algorithm.

Park said, “It is impossible for the algorithm to filter out false distortion news.” “The machine cannot judge the content.”

“We will install a professional -oriented tentative algorithm transparency committee in the portal as a legal organization,” and “The government is not a system in which the government intervenes directly in verification. It is a way to disclose the results by verifying the algorithm standards for arrangements and exposure. ”

He added, “If necessary, we will make it a neutral external organization, and in this case, the government’s role will be limited to supporting the committee.”

Transparency in algorithms for risk assessment, housing, and pretrial detention
Park also criticized that “YouTube’s ‘yellow scab’ is also a user -centered way,” he said..

“We will strengthen the complaint system of the media platform users so that at least the reason for sanctions can be clearly known when receiving sanctions from operators such as yellow scabs.”

The news alliance evaluation committee also suggested reorganization. This is why it is closed by deciding whether to terminate the portal partnership with the media.

Park said, “There is a controversy that judging a media company in partnership with Naver and Kakao is controversial that there is a violation of the Fair Trade Act because two companies, which are used by 80 million people a day, are collaborating.” I will change it transparently. ”

“We will mandate and disclose the short records of all meetings,” he said.

The company plans to promote the outlink of portal news.

Park said, “The inlink method has the advantage of being beneficial for small and medium -sized media that users are convenient and difficult to build their own homepages and servers, but as if they are a cable farm, they increase traffic in the portal to increase the news advertising effect in the portal and portal to the media. It is pointed out that it strengthens the dominance of. ”

“The structure of attracting consumers by attracting consumers as an article of journalist efforts is a controversial way. In addition, some media can cause management difficulties and stimulating articles to induce clicks. ”

Accordingly, it is difficult to convert entire outlinks, so it is difficult to convert.

Park said, “We will prepare detailed implementation plans, such as improving the shortcomings of this, to secure transparency and reliability of the media platform and to promote user’s rights.” We will discuss with experts and stakeholders close. ”