Wow: Dragon Flight: Return to the loot master is a technical hurdle

WoW Dragonflight: Underwhelming? Asmongold Reacts to an EPIC RANT | by Quazii
Since the Battle for Azeroth extension, World of Warcraft has completely from the looting system’s prey system . The looting master was previously used in guild groups (at least 80 percent of the players from a guild) and a selected loot master was able to distribute prey from the body of the boss.

This happened over the cube system, most of the guilds use addons, and in the past the DKP (Dragon Kill Points) was collected. This outdated system, with which a lot of scraps could also be made, was replaced by the personal loot. Personal loot is guaranteed to drop prey for classes in the slaughterhouse and directly assign the object to the player. But this system is also not perfect and sometimes has strange rules for the transfer of loot **.

However, organized guilds in particular want the loot master for simpler prey assignment. Twitch streamer Asmongold Game Director Ion Hazzikostas, who had a usual detailed answer, asked what the stand for a possible return to the loot master system is.

how do you want to bring the loot master back in WoW?

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ion hazzikostas : “was, if I would tell you… I want to bring loot master , and the team wants that too ? This is something we last year, in the Last one and a half years, a lot thought. We looked at where we and the community have been different over the years and have re -evaluated some of our considerations.

Prey is a sensitive topic. In Legion we had personal prey and group prey in parallel, and The care of two prey versions in terms of data structure, the user interface, the code… was a chaos . That was something that we wanted to get rid of for a number of reasons, and when we looked at the group prey, we saw a series of problems with this structure that we had built up and thought: “Let us tear it down Leaving a new foundation, let’s build a new system that is very personal, “and in the past few years we have filed it and refined it and added rules and exceptions, but there are a lot of problems with it.

The clarity about what is tradable is pretty bad , the feeling “Hey, an object is just dropped and it is technically an item level upgrade, but I will not use it and I can’t give it to my friends ” – It feels pretty bad. We have certainly not solved the degenerated behavior of the guilds in the Race to World First , if at all, then it has become worse with all the server-crossing stuff and the buyers **.


So yes, we look at exactly where we want to land in the future. The challenge is that we have spent six years to create a new foundation, so it is not something that you can simply put on a switch and can say: “Well, everything works like before”, but me Think, there is a lot going on to keep personal prey in some areas, such as in the outside world, trash in dungeons and slaughterhouse **, I don’t think anyone there needs group prey there.

But the basic experience of killing a slaughterhouse boss that you find four things on the body and have to think about what you want to do with these four things – this is something we would like to return to. I cannot promise that the whole work that is necessary can be done in the next few months, but in the long term it is what we are striving for . “__

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