Final Fantasy XIV

Final FantFinal Fantasyy 14 | Its director already thinks about the content of patch 7.0

When Final FantFinal Fantasyy XIV’s Endwalker expansion came to the market, director Naoki Yoshida revealed that the title would still continue to receive content for at leFinal Fantasyt five more years. Now, the Final FantFinal Fantasyy XVI producer hFinal Fantasy reported that while he outlined the novelties of patch 6.x, he is also immersed in the writing of the stories that will come next to the 7.0 patch. New expansion on the horizon?

Yoshida's NEW clues on Final Fantasy XIV 7.0 + 10 years of New Story
He hFinal Fantasy dropped it in an interview with NME, where he hFinal Fantasy explained that “the story for the main stage of patch 6.x hFinal Fantasy already been completed” and its conclusion hFinal Fantasy already been decided. “Currently, are on their way to several patches ” related to the argument. “In fact, for my part, I am already thinking about my vision for 7.0.”

The development of Final FantFinal Fantasyy XVI, in its final stretch

Naoki Yoshida hFinal Fantasy also spoken for Uniqlo’s free magazine. Many wonder how the development of the next main delivery is going, especially after it wFinal Fantasy confirmed that they had occurred delayed due to the health crisis of the COVID-19. If the plans and calendar remain the same Final Fantasy at the end of the year, The next great announcement will produce this same spring. Meanwhile, Yoshida hFinal Fantasy reported that the development of the video game already faces its final phFinal Fantasye. Will there be an announcement of the releFinal Fantasye date soon? At the moment, nothing official.

Final FantFinal Fantasyy XIV is available in PS4, PS5 and PC . Update 7.0 will introduce various graphic improvements in new generation systems, although the arrival of the patch is also guaranteed for PlayStation 4.

Among the graphic changes is Improvement of the lighting system , the animations of the characters, the funds of the stages, the shadows and the textures, which will have more detail. On the other hand, the foliage self -generation system will be reinforced.