Does the schedule decide? Munich in the final in the final

Eisbären Berlin (1st) – EHC Red Bull Munich (2nd)

The starting point: With the polar bears and Munich, the two best teams of the season so far meet. Defending champion Berlin was at the top of the table for long distances of the 2021/22. Munich initially had some problems, but with just six defeats from 31 games in the DEL since mid -January, the most powerful team of the calendar year 2022 is.

The schedule: What role will the schedule calendar narrowed by the numerous Corona failures in the course of the season for the outcome of the final series? For Berlin there is a club thick in terms of program. Munich only knew late Thursday evening through the Eisbären victory in game five that you had to travel to the capital for final (7.30 p.m.) on Friday (Mannheim’s one would only have taken place on Saturday in Munich).

But the polar bears not only have two semi -final games in their bones, but due to the other appointments not only have to go back to 24 hours tomorrow, but also on Sunday in Munich (3:15 p.m.) and Monday back at home (7.30 p.m.) again “Back -to-back “. If there were four and five, they would also take place in a row on May 4th and 5th.

Such a program of four games within five days – or even six within eight – has never been in the DEL play -offs and of course represents a not insignificant disadvantage, which therefore also complained about Berlin in advance. On the other hand, the polar bears also had it in their hands to decide the series against the eagles at an early stage.

The main round: The two top clubs distributed the victories 2-2 with each other. Curious, however, that the away team always won. First Munich twice in Berlin (4: 1, 3: 2 OT), then twice the capitals in Upper Bavaria (3: 1, 2: 1).

Hungry Polar Bear Ambushes Seal | The Hunt | BBC Earth
The play-off history: In three consecutive years between 2017 and 2019, the two teams have so far faced each other in the play-offs. Munich won 4-1 in the semi -finals in the semifinals – after defeat in game one – at the end. In 2018, the two DEL sizes dueled for the first time in the final. In a competitive series, in which the polar bears first caught a 1: 3 deficit, Munich game seven finally won 6: 3 at home – and thus also the title.

In the last meeting so far, Munich won 4-2 in the quarter -finals in 2019. Delitis collector Don Jackson is still undefeated against his ex-club Del title collector Don Jackson.

Conclusion: In a duel between two game, running, but also strong teams, the advantage is apparently with the enormously formable and more rested Munich. Can the polar bears still defy the schedule? It would be a defense of the title with a particularly golden coat of paint.