Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XVI: Development is in the final phase

Naoki Yoshida recently spoke about the state of development of Final Fantasy XVI. In an interview with the Uniqlo magazine, the responsible producer of the game said that one would be in the final phase of development.

Yoshida also said about the game that it tells a captivating story and that they had concentrated on the experience as a single player. For him it is a profound story.

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“As a game for single player, Final Fantasy XVI aims to combine the story and the gaming experience. In contrast to online games, which several players represent at the same time, the focus is on Final Fantasy XVI, which makes the story captivating. And I think the story has become quite profound. “

“My hope is that the adults who have become grown up in the meantime have understood the rules of society and turned away from Final Fantasy because they thought that the real world was not as easy as a video game the enthusiasm of back then can remember. That is what we keep in mind when we develop this game. “

Even if the development is in the final phase, Xbox and PC players have to wait much longer. Because, as was already known, Final Fantasy XVI will appear exclusively for PlayStation 5.

The limited exclusivity will probably be six to twelve months.