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Extremely bizarre leak reveals: Final Fantasy 16 is almost finished!

The final fantasy series is as popular as ever. Not only is the MMORPG Final Fantasy 14 so successful that you could no longer buy it for a short time, but the new flagship offshoot Final Fantasy 16 is eagerly awaited by players.

The title was originally announced as a PS5 game in September 2020, but a version for the PC has now also been confirmed. Publisher Square Enix has not yet commented on a possible release date, and the development of the role-playing game unfortunately delayed the corona pandemic. According to producer Naoki Yoshida, better known as “Yoshi-P,” we should receive more information about the title in spring this year.

comes Final Fantasy 16 earlier than expected?

Final Fantasy 16 - Reveal Trailer | PS5 Showcase

So far exactly Final Fantasy 16 has been more than uncertain, but as Yoshi-P now reveals in a comment with UNIQLO UT-Magazine, the title could appear much earlier than expected. By the way, Uniqlo is a clothing manufacturer who releases a few exclusive T-shirts in the final fantasy design for the 35th birthday of the final fantasy series. According to Yoshi-P, Final Fantasy 16 is currently in the final development phase, and the producer is also responding to the design philosophy of the new title. The comment was kindly translated by the Twitch streamer Audrey:

_ “In contrast to an online game that includes many players at the same time, Final Fantasy 16 offers a different experience in which it is concentrated on the individual player and immerses him in history. I think it’s a very elaborated story. For those who have grown up and realized that reality is not friendly to them and have moved away from Final Fantasy, let’s hope that FF16 will be a game that the passion they once had with the series revives again. “_

In other news about Final Fantasy, Yoshi-P, the players from Final Fantasy 14 recently not to be in common with other players. In the past, we were also amazed at some impressive cosplays from the final fantasy franchise, including Tifa from Final Fantasy 7. The new patch 6.1 for Final Fantasy 14 was recently released.

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