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All winners of the weapon design competition Final Fantasy XIV

The Final Fantasy XIV weapon design competition is coming to an end, and soon the players will have a new set of glamors that they can apply to their equipment in honor of the winners of the competition. While players are waiting for these unique equipment items to join a huge number of personalization options in Final Fantasy XIV, why not check what you can expect in the near future?

Below we have listed all the winners of the weapon design contest with a type of weapon, the name of the design and the creator, opened by the ENICS Square on the winner page.


夜 の 海 by なみ ぺこ

マンドラーズ ・ ナイト BY GAL


ラース グラインダー by spark621

Bombfish Basher from Kingwcxix

The Dark Knight

Blood Rupers from ROOKDAW

和欲 を 武器 by ほーじ ラテ ラテ


Cerberus Fang from Matt

サメ の ガンブレード by らに って


Fists of the Dragon Beard from Sana

Jaws Major General from Ikei


漆黒 狼 from Crown

ネコ ジャランス by みそらで こ


忍包丁 【】 by チョココ

マンド ラゴラナイフ フォーク by くろぱき


彼岸 此 岸 by Oluris

lavender flower Kayly


ブルー バーズ ネストボウ by ネスミ

森 レンジャー 装備 BY HAVAKKUK


The victory of the people from Madqueeenmomo

ジャック ・ ・ ザ ・ ブーケット by GAL


双 月 踊り 子 by 白田

All Ruby Weapon Weapons (FFXIV Patch 5.2)

ボムダンサー by あじ

Black magician

Malum Ignis from Lumi

水 蛇 ロッド by ろくすけ


エンカウンターリリー グリモア by リザレク て くれ て ありがとう

旅 の おとも by しましま

Red magician

Shepherd’s Crook – Light in the darkness of the author Smitten Miqitten

Rhinpir from Yui

Blue Mage

ジェントルアン ブレラ by け と

ワンダー オブ タイム by きざし

White Mage

Rabbit canal from Coreyality_DRAWS

Family Avo from Cerberusnoise


Code of Lost Palette Shinju

フェア リーラヴァー コーデックス by よかぜ


Star Globe “Starfish” by Lune

灯り を て by ろい

Square Enix also listed several designs that took second place in the ranking. Announcement of the winner page with awards for winners, finalists and winners of Final Fantasy XIV.

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