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FF14: Graphics update, Hildibrand and Dragon War – Yoshi -P in Director Naoki

Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida has planned a lot for the future of Final Fantasy 14! How he in his68. and 69. Letters from the producer announced that are not only planned for the MMO hit from Square Enix, but also many other innovations. For example, new players should be made possible to experience the entire main scenario solo without being forced into group content.

Of course, these announcements have aroused our curiosity and raised a lot of questions. In the form of a written interview, we were allowed to put them on Yoshi-P, who also took the time to answer them in detail. We have asked questions about the graphic update, the new Hildibrand quest series and the challenges that will come to the developers in the coming years. You can find out what Yoshi-P had to say here.

the graphic update and how it is implemented

One of the greatest announcements in the 68th letter from the producer live, was probably the graphic update, which is planned for the first time for version 7.0. This should not only revise the character models, but also the areas of the game world. When asked how difficult it is to implement such an adaptation for the old zones, Yoshi-P said that the improvements will only come into play in the new areas of the 7.0 version and that the old zones should only be updated afterwards. New objects are partially placed automatically, for example on natural objects such as grass, but also inserted by hand. This is especially the case with furnishings and live styles.

Director Naoki : The first impressions of the graphic update are great. How big is the effort to adjust the old zones afterwards? In a picture of Thavnair, for example, many new decorative objects could be seen. Are these inserted manually or can these processes also be automated?

Yoshi-P : Thank you for looking at the pictures of our first tests and enjoying it! Developing these updates of the old zones is different depending on the type of work. For example, it is not feasible to place all additional objects in each individual zone until the next expansion is published. This is due to the enormous effort in the creation and placement of the smaller objects. The approach will therefore be to maximize them in the 7.0 zones first to make these new zones even more beautiful. Then we will gradually work on the other zones. Most objects that can be placed automatically are natural objects in the area. Small objects and lifestyle-related objects are placed manually with tools, with the creativity of the artist playing an important role. With the graphic update, the old zones are also to be embellished. Source: Square Enix

What effects do the increased system requirements have?

With the introduction of the new graphic engine, the system requirements will also increase. Yoshida also said that you still attach great importance to making the game accessible to as many players as possible. This has always been an important philosophy of Final Fantasy 14 (now buy € 25.98), which will continue to be recorded in the future.

Director Naoki : With the graphic update, the system requirements will also increase. Do you have an overview of how large the proportion of players who have to upgrade your system up to patch 7.0? Is there a risk that you will lose some players?

Yoshi-P : Yes, of course. The minimal system requirements will change, but we still hope to be able to keep them at a level where many players can play without having to buy a new PC. Be sure that we will not change our attitude that Final Fantasy 14 can be played on as many system as possible and we will also stick to it in future developments.

the future of Final Fantasy 14

Even if Final Fantasy 14 has mastered a lot of hurdles in recent years, noticeably challenges will probably also come to the MMO in the future. On the one hand, Yoshi-P sees this in generating new content, but on the other hand also in the task of winning new players. This is the only way to guarantee that long -established players also keep their interest in Final Fantasy 14.

Director Naoki : For the future, you have made a lot of things for Final Fantasy 14. Where do you see the biggest challenges when it comes to maintaining the players’ interest in the coming years?

Yoshi-P : These challenges are probably to get the players to lose themselves in history, to implement new content and to offer the same extent to content as before and to win new players.
In order to ensure the growth of an MMO, it is important that new players in the community join, so that daily events always feel fresh.
I think this is particularly important because it also offers the veterans motivation and support.
This point has always been particularly important to me since I took over the Final Fantasy 14 project.
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