3 months free of charge at Cyberghost VPN: That makes the app differently than the competition [advertisement]

Cyberghost VPN has been the VPN providers of choice for many who rely on seriousness and quality for more than 15 years. Almost 38 million customers trust the brand to encrypt their browser history and search behavior. The leading over 7,800 server with optimized streaming servers across the industry makes the difference to most of the market compared to the newcomers.

But at the same time, Cyberghost VPN is also the provider of choice when it comes to offering fair pricing models. In the 3-year plan you only pay 1.99 euros per month-there is three months free of charge as a gift. However, the best is the 45-day money back guarantee. The deal runs this week and you can reach it directly with our link:

Now Cyberghost VPN for only 1.99 euros + 3 months free

does a VPN bring something with gaming?

If you only play games without internet, you cannot expect any advantages through a VPN. However, providers such as Cyberghost VPN are actually used more and more often when playing online. How so?

The focus here is clearly on the focus. So you can preserve a active VPN service from DDOS attacks . Cyberghost VPN has explicitly specialized in this and regularly exchanges your server connection. One of the most important reasons for a VPN in gaming is bypassing geoblocking . This gives you access to games that are not accessible or not yet available in your country. By masking your IP address You also protect yourself from hacking attacks. Even if you want to play when traveling, a VPN helps: If you have no access to your profile due to a foreign IP address, the connection to a German VPN server can help you.

But of course a VPN also offers other great advantages, including:

Streaming of foreign content *, thanks to optimized cyberghost VPN servers even in Ultrahd
suppress malware and advertising , which is particularly useful when surfing
use marketplaces that do not exist in your country

why exactly cyberghost vpn?

Cyberghost VPN particularly impresses with its reputation. 38 million customers have been trusting the brand for more than 15 years. That is longer than most other VPN apps. This experience has the largest network of servers and the highest security standards that you can imagine. Cyberghost VPN offers, for example:

  • 256-bit Aes encryption
    Strict no-logs-policy
    Usable at the same time on up to 7 devices
  • Apps for all common operating systems and devices
    Also available for game consoles
    More than 7,800 server in 91 countries and 113 locations
    * No limitation or restriction for the bandwidth or in the data volume
  • OpenVPN, IKEV2, wireguard® protocol
    24/7 live support

Gamer careful: 3 months cyberghost vpn free

Again we would like to draw attention to the Cyberghost VPN deal. In the 3-year plan you currently only pay 1.99 euros per month, which corresponds to a rich saving of 83 percent. On top you will receive three months of the VPN service free of charge. And if Cyberghost VPN does not appeal to you, you can easily cancel within the first 45 days. So you can’t lose anything. Everyone can test the app and return if they fail. A very fair thing, like to look at the offer under the link:

Now Cyberghost VPN for only 1.99 euros + 3 months free