Metabus enterprise with raise planet, development talent

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[Eye News 24 Moon Young-soo] An Olympian Planet (Representative Kwon Jae-hyun) announced on the 25th that he was in charge of the talent to participate in the Metabus Platform ‘Eliples’ preparing for launching.

Elivace is a platform that manages the brand’s metabus worldview. In Electo, we can connect the brand’s worldview and consumers to the metabus space, and this is the company’s explanation that consumers can experience a new brand experience.

The employment field is a variety of job fields such as the enemy development room, real-time content, such as the engine development, the development room, and the realization media, such as real-life media. As a metaverse D2C platform, separate professional workforce for centralized service development is also being recruited for central service development.

Founded in 2015, the Olympian Planet established a strategy to build a metaverse market with an enterprise as well as an enterprise as well as an affected metabus platform. It is also scheduled to establish an Elyps Academy that cultivates metabus talent, and will be contributed to the evolution of the metabus market, progressing free education for employees and general public targets.

“The Olympian Planet is a Metropolitan Management Providing Metropolitan Metropolitan Metropolitan Plain Management Support Office,” The Olyung Planet led to the next generation meta bus era and adopts a metaverse platform career to lead the market. ” We are carrying out various employees’ welfare system and in-house talent recommendation system. We will do our best to make our employees be happy as a varying company as a variety of employees. “

Meanwhile, the Olympian Planet has recently transferred to the Parnas Tower near Samsung Station. It recorded sales growth by 2020 from 2017 and was selected for ‘Asia-Pacific High-Growth Companies 2022 (Asia-Pacific High-Growth Companies 2022)’.