Elden Ring Heal Class: Best Support Build for Co

With the right friends, no challenge is difficult to master in Elden Ring. Thanks to useful items and password matchmaking it is possible to play the most part of the game online. However, if a whole group is too inexperienced, they are inevitably advised in some difficulties when harder bosses and more dangerous dungeons stand in front of them. In these cases, it is not a bad idea to join friends in Elden Ring as a healer. Through the use of spells and objects, there are surprisingly many opportunities as healers can help their teammates.

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How to create a healing class in Elden Ring

To start making a healer players should choose the prophets as a start class. This choice has the highest initial belief of all classes in the game and even begins with the healing maze. This magic will restore a flat rate of HP to you and your allies, which makes him essential for every class that wants to become a pure healer. There are many other spells that can help you and your ally in a variety of ways. Players should pay attention to their requirements and effects. These magic are:

  • Heal , Great healing , Seal of Mr. and Earthbaum heal – heals a flat rate of HP. The strongest version, Erdtree Heal requires 42 Faith.
  • Fixing Spells and Protection of the Earth Tree – Increases defense against non-physical damage. The strongest version, protection of the earth tree requires 35 faith.
  • The blessing of the blessing and blessing of the ground tree – gradually restores HP over a period of time. The strongest version, blessing of the earth tree requires 38 faith.
  • Law of regression – heals all negative states and removes buffs from other players. Requires 37 intelligence.

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The holy seal used by the player will not significantly change the effectiveness of these spells. He healers should get Talismans who can help in magic, such as the Radagon Icon, the Talisman of the Old Lord and the original Glintstone blade. Weapons with PRAYERFUL STRIKE or HOLY GROUND ASHES OF WARCH HP will restore HP from allies with their skills. The consumables heating stone and raging flame stone also heal allies of different quantities and are a good alternative if the FP assumes. Apart from these decisions, the best equipment for a healer is at the discretion of the player. It could be best to concentrate on a high defense; The best way to preserve your allies before death is to keep yourself alive!

ELDENRING is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC.

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